Glamour Your Reliable Nightwear Production Workshop

Reliable nightwear production workshop

Founded in 2000, Glamour is one of a leading nightwear manufacturer in China.
With a mission to help everyone get more comfort when on the bed, we have introduced different types of fabrics and handcraft to satisfy all the needs of ODM/OEM service, larger or small.

We are nightwear manufacturer experts, creatives, designers, and professional artisans. We all share a passion for providing a comfortable dressing experience for everyone at home. We are also relentlessly dedicated to our customers’ success in this industry.

We believe that only when sleepwear is designed with humanization and made with care can make your business success. That's why we pay attention to every detail from the fabric selection to designated packaging.

A leading nightwear manufacturer in China

Why Glamour Is Your Best Choice

  • Competitive Price

    With a wide and well-established supply relationship connected to the factory in China, Glamour offers sleepwear with exquisite handicraft at a low price.

  • Premium Quality

    Strict nightwear production quality control plans to translate into humanized designs, dimensional layouts and material certifications for durability.

  • Customized Service

    From fabric and color to pattern designs and packaging, you can have all the possibilities with Glamour Nightwear Company.

  • On-time Delivery

    With a mature production management system and a wide range of transportation methods, we deliver your products globally on time.

Social and economic responsibility

We're Looking To The Future.

Our business model is an accident with sustainability.

We are taking social and economic responsibility. After each cooperation, Glamour donates some money to support those children living in poverty-stricken areas in China.

We also simultaneously ensure that the future of the company via feasible detailed plans about the development of our R&D Department, Production Department and Purchasing System to exceed our customers' expectations around the world.

Meet Us in Trade Show

  • 2019.8Magic Show

    Magic Fashion Trade Show

    Las Vegas

  • 2019.8magic show

    Magic Fashion Trade Show

    Las Vegas

  • Magic Show in Las Vegas

    Magic Fashion Trade Show

    Las Vegas


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