How to clean your silk pajamas?


Silk fabrics, it is opposite at emulative silk fabrics character, point to silk commonly, include mulberry silk, tussah silk, castor silk, cassava silk etc. Silk fabrics is a textile made from silk. Silk’s famous sheen comes from the prism of the fabric, which allows the fabric to refract incident light at different angles and scatter it out. In China, the term silk also refers to man-made textiles that have the same luster as natural silk. It is a rather expensive fabric, and is known for being unmanageable and breathable. Its skin-friendliness is unmatched by any other fabric. Mainly used for pajamas, dress and headscarf, etc.

In summer , you can choose silk pajama, because summer is hot, we are often perspire, and cotton pajama is not as breathable and hygroscopic as silk pajama. The most important feature is that it absorbs moisture from the air when your skin is dry and hydrates, helping to drain moisture when you sweat. It’s very breathable and cool.

 When you choose the thickness of silk pajamas in spring and summer , it should be below 19 m/m, more than 19 m/m pajamas more suitable for winter use. And the pajama of 19 m/m is summertime’s best choice, which is also be the quality that represents the topmost. The vertical feeling and elegant feeling of 19 m/m is the best, which can well show the unique charm of silk. And it is not easy to open under the texture of 19 MMS. In the autumn and winter should choose the pyjamas about 30 m/m, which can let you have good warmth and beautiful dream.

What are the dangers of wearing silk pajamas for too long without cleaning?

(1) Skin disease

First of all, the human corneum layer is in the daily renewal and shedding, it is easy to produce dust and dander. The longer you wear pajamas, the more dead cells and microbes pile up on them, and the more likely they are to cause disease. Next, you always wear pyjamas to spend most of time on the bed, the bed is filled with all sorts of mite bug, bacterium, dandruff, dirt, also they may contact the body directly through pyjamas.

Both of these factors can lead to skin diseases. Such as allergic dermatitis, infectious hair folliculitis, popular urticaria and so on. Each can cause you to itch and suffer physically and mentally.

  • Lead to urinary system disease

If bacteria in pajamas invade the urethra, they can cause infections in related areas, such as urethritis, which can worsen and lead to cystitis. This is not equal between men and women, and women are at greater risk of infection than men.

(3) Lead to gynecological diseases It’s not just the urethra that gets inflamed, it’s also the female genitalia that gets inflamed, like candida vaginitis, which is caused by a fungal infection.

How to clean your silk pajamas?

Real silk clothing belongs to protein delicate health fiber weaving, washing should not be in rough rubbing and washing with washing machine, you should immerse clothes in cold water for 5-10 minutes, with special real silk detergent synthesis low foam washing powder or neutral soap lightly knead lightly rub, colored real silk clothing  in clear water repeatedly rinse.

(1) Dark-colored silk fabrics should be washed separately from light-colored ones.

(2) The sweaty silk garments should be washed immediately or soaked in water, avoid washing with hot water above 30 degrees.

(3) When washing silk, it is necessary to use acid detergent or light alkaline detergent, it is better to use special detergent for silk.

(4) Had better wash with hand, avoid by all means hard wring rub or wash with a hard brush. After scrubbing, rinse slowly with clean water, gently extrude water with hand or towel, dry in the shade.

If you happen to own a silk pajama, or plan to buy one, congratulations, you will have a comfortable sleepwear. You will feel the smoothness and comfort of silk. But don’t forget to regularly clean and maintain your pajamas to extend their life and give you a healthy sleep environment.

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