How to custom pajamas?


We briefly introduced the steps of how to start a clothing business before, now we will describe the details below.

Step 1, send the inquiry.

Whether you are going to sending us an inquiry or asking some questions to another website, or contact suppliers on some B2B platforms, for example: Alibaba, Express, Made-In-China, etc. The general approaches are almost the same.

Prepare the questions you want to ask, the more the better.

Compare the next two enquiries, which one do you think is better?

  1. Hi, I’m interested in your product, I would like some more details.
    I look forward for your reply.
  2. Hi, I am (Your Name) (Your work position) (Your company). Our company is a trading office and we buy wholesale and for our different clients. We are in a bid for a contract in XXX. Our client company in XXX is currently interested in Pajamas, similar to your listing.  Please inform me if your company accept OEM/ODM order, since our client company will be interested in some specifications change, have your company traded with XXX/ midde east, and quality assurance and your company website. Kindly send your reply to my office email:    We will like to know more about your company before we commence order. Best Regards

These two are the real enquiries we received. The first inquiry is simple, but it works. But there is no specific information. The second inquiry, detailing himself, to be honest, I like the second one. However, because of the rules of the Alibaba platform, he added his own mailbox to the inquiry, so he was classified as a spam. This may be the reason why many people are inexplicably listed on the Alibaba platform as spam. Therefore, if you want to contact the supplier on their own website, it is welcomed to attach the email. And if you’d like to contact the supplier on a platform, you’d better don’t attach any mailbox.

In fact, it is not necessary to be so formal when sending an inquiry. For example:

Hello dear, can this jumpsuit be made in adult sizes?

Or: I am looking to start mommy and me pajamas.

That’s all right, the supplier will contact you. If you send us an inquiry, because you need to attach your email and then you can send us an inquiry, so we will contact you through the email you attached. And if you send the inquiry via the B2B platform, then you will need to login in to those platforms to view the responses.

Step 2, discuss about the details.

After receiving a response from the supplier, you will need to discuss specific details such as design style, fabric, fabric accessories, printing, logo, model and size, sewing requirements, packaging method, shipping method, delivery time, payment method, quantity and price. Have you been scared, do I need to know so much? Don’t worry, just send the supplier an inquiry, they will help you to confirm every detail. At least, you can see the sample before paying for the bulk. So let’s know more details one by one.

Style & Size:

It seems to be very abstract just to talk about the style. So, how about sending a picture to the supplier. They will understand the style you need. And their designers will design the drawings based on your picture, at the same time, they will discuss the dimension with you. We recommend you determine the dimension based on your target market. If you don’t know, then tell the supplier your target market, and let them to design the dimension. You definitely don’t want to sell an Asian size dress to Europe or America.

Fabric & Accessories:

The quality of the fabric directly determines the quality of the clothes. Therefore before ordering, you need to confirm the type of the fabric with your supplier. There are many different types of fabrics according to the classification method. At the same time, many new fabrics are developed every year. So we don’t discuss the classification of fabrics and the characteristics of each fabric and accessories. If you want to know, you can check Wikipedia. So, what if you don’t know about fabric? Consult the supplier and let them send a sample fabric for your reference.

Printing & logo:

It’s available to print your pattern to your clothes. Just send a photo or a picture to the supplier. The designers will design the AI format that can be used for print according to your pattern. There are also many technics of printing, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. As for logo, most suppliers supply private label.

Sewing requirements:

There are different requirements for sewing techniques depending on the type of clothing. For example, yoga leggings require four needle six lines sewing (ISO607).

Packaging method:

The package is also a place need to pay attention to. For example, how to pack, use the box or the bag? What kind of bag? Need to print logo? Confirming the details in advance can avoid a lot of trouble. Of course, you don’t need to think all about this. You just need to ask the supplier, how to package? And then they will tell you details, and then you just need to confirm it.

Shipping method & Delivery time:

We all know that there are three kinds of ways to transport: by sea, by land and by air. Besides, you can also ask the supplier to send products directly to Amazon if you are an Amazon seller. Different shipping methods has different delivery time. So, you need to choose a best way to delivery.

Payment method:

Not all suppliers accept all payment methods. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of both parties, please carefully choose the payment method. In general, T/T is a safer payment method and is accepted by most people.

Quantity & Price:

Price may be a factor that everyone values most, but it is not the most important factor. Quality is worth more attention than price. Suppliers usually give different prices depending on the order quantity. The more the quantity, the less the price. We can calculate the cost price of the supplier.

Design + fabric + fabric accessories + print + package + labor + shipping = cost of supplier. This calculation method is not perfect, but it is almost the same.

Step 3. Get the quotation based on the details.

After confirming the product details, the supplier will give you a quote, which is based on the basic cost of the technology, plus a certain profit. So you shouldn’t concern how much the supplier can earn you, or the cost price of the supplier. What you should be concerned about is base on the same price, the quality of the products that different suppliers can provide.

Step 4. Pre-production Sample Made

In the case that we are unfamiliar with the supplier, through the inspection of the clothing samples, we can fully know the capacity of different suppliers. After testing the samples, we can figure out the problems in the sampled which will benefits to the production of bulk production.

Step 5. Confirm the details

Before the bulk production, we usually need to confirm the details.

Step 6. Send the Deposit

In order to guarantee the interests of both parties, we need to pay a 30% deposit before production.

Step 7. Bulk Production

After received the deposit, the supplier will arrange production.

Step 8. Final Payment and Delivery

After the product is produced, we will need to pay the final payment and the supplier will arrange the transportation.

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