What's the pajamas culture in different countries?


Pajamas in the Western world have been regarded as essentially indoors wear, or wear for the home, whether treated as daywear or nightwear. But since the late 20th century some people, in particular those in the US and to some extent Britain and Australia, and Polynesians in New Zealand, have worn pajamas in public for convenience or as a fashion trend.


Next, let’s take a look at the attitudes of various countries towards pajamas.


In our public opinion, pajamas only appear during sleep. But for Americans, pajamas can be worn out, and this behavior is not generally accepted in other countries. We may have noticed that pajamas are only worn in public in certain locations by some people. Mostly by younger generations in Walmarts, gas stations, or pick-up/drop-off lines at school. Americans generally dress more comfortably and less formally than Europeans, and the pajamas just represent the extreme end of the spectrum. When we see someone wearing sleepwear in public, it’s nearly always in the kind of situation where a European might wear sports wear or sweatpants if comfort is a high priority.

United Kingdom

For the United Kingdom, the love of freedom is also their cultural characteristic. Therefore, the British pajamas culture also advocates freedom and comfort. Secondly, the British concept of aristocracy has always destined that its pajamas culture will not be casual and mediocre. The pajamas culture pursued by the United Kingdom is more in line with the gentleman’s demeanor, soft and comfortable, simple and generous. Most of the selected fabrics are pure silk, which is more high-end.


When it comes to Chinese pajamas culture, one has to mention the pajamas culture of Shanghai. In Shanghai, it is common to see residents wearing pajamas in public places. For example, hanging out on sidewalks, strolling in the park or shopping at the wet market. Pajamas have even become a local fashion icon that combine leisure, art, personalization and nostalgia. Yet Shanghai’s PJ culture continues to annoy local authorities, who worry that it may harm Shanghai’s cosmopolitan image.

Therefore, pajamas culture has not yet become the mainstream in China, and the acceptance of pajamas is also regionally speaking.

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