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Satin and Silk pajamas - Choosing a Satin vs. Silk Pajamas - Something You Need to Know


Do you want to know the difference between satin and silk pajamas?

Although they have the same texture and appearance, they are not the same.

And before you try to figure out the difference, there’s one thing you need to know.

Both fabrics are the best choice for sleeping and home life.

What is silk?

Silk was first discovered 8,500 years ago in ancient China.Silk has been associated with luxury since the start. Nowadays, the price of silk is still very high.

Silk generally includes mulberry silk, tussah silk, castor silk, cassava silk etc.Silkworm fiber is divided into a lot of different fiber according to eating difference leaves, and mulberry silk is the most commercial, the most scale, the best silk fiber woven, so the mulberry silk is generally called silk . In addition, silk fabrics include crepe de Chine, georgette , Charmeuse. Among them, the most common silk fabric is silk charmeuse.

Silk fabrics generally adopt twill weave. Its texture is soft and smooth, light, colorful, cool and comfortable to wear. Mainly used for pajamas, dress and headscarf, etc.

What is satin?

Satin is a kind of fabric. The raw materials can be cotton, blended, or polyester, or pure chemical fiber, which is formed by different tissues of the fabric. The most common material of satin fabric is polyester, so when people talk about the satin fabric, usually put in mind of polyester satin. Mainly used for all kinds of women’s clothing, pajamas or underwear. Satin products are so popularity, high gloss, drape feeling good, yarn special, good tear resistance, not shrinkage after washing.

Satin and Silk Pajamas style

In terms of style, there are basically three types of pajamas: Camisole short set, Classic Pajama set and One-piece Pajama.

Camisole short set
silk pajamas Camisole short set

Camisole short set are most commonly used in summer. Because of the hot summer, sweat often wets people’s underwear. So, want to solve the problem of sweat already, want to consider beautiful again, then, Camisole short set to come on stage appeared.

The quality of a material of condole belt type pajama basically has silk, cotton and hemp blend and pure cotton a few kinds. The pajama that makes by these qualitative material, already absorb sweat not close to the body again, that kind of elegant feeling, make a person comfortable.

Classic Pajama set
silk pajamas classic pajamas set

The style of Classic Pajama set is mainly reflected in the change of upper collar shape. Small suit collar is the most common kind of collar, loose design, one large pocket fully reflects the practical value.

Another beauty of suit lapel design is to expose the woman’s neck, so that the woman at home can decorate the neck new. The disadvantages of wearing a jumper are eliminated by the convenience of cleaning.

In addition to the small west lapel style, the lapel shirt style is also the most common. Lapel pajamas, increased the flexibility of the neck decoration, located in the neck buttons can be tied, but also can be unbuttoned, in fact unique originality.

One-piece Pajama
silk pajamas one-piece pajamas

In the pajama family, one of the earliest and most commonly referred to as pajama is probably the one-piece pajama. The advent of the one-piece dressing gown not only divided people’s clothing from work to home, but also implied that people’s living standards were indeed improved.

Advantages of Silk Charmeuse Over Polyester Satin

Silk Charmeuse and Polyester satin are both great choices for pajamas, but each fabric has its own distinct advantages. Many people prefer silk charmeuse because:

  • BreathingYour head, hair and skin won’t get suffocate or overheated.
  • Hypoallergenic. Silk fabric is a natural antifungal, fungal, mite and allergen material.
  • It doesn’t involve synthetic materials. This is a natural fiber for those who want to keep their beauty routine natural.
  • It might help with your skinDo you have acne? Try silk charmeuse pajamas and see if it helps.

If you want to enjoy pure luxury, silk pajama is the best choice. Your hair, skin and inherent natural beauty will thank you for it.

Advantages of Polyester Satin Over  Silk Charmeuse

If the price tag and splendor of silk charmeuse makes you nervous, don’t be afraid! When it comes to your sleep, Polyester satin pajama can produce the same satisfying results and, among other advantages, are a good choice. Polyester satin is:

  • Its price is usually one-third to one-half that of silk.
  • Easier to get. Because satin is made of common materials such as polyester, it is easier to find.
  • Easier to clean. You can throw your polyester satin pajamas in the washer along with your other laundry.

When you want the benefits of silk sleepwear and the modern conveniences afforded by synthetic fiber, choosing polyester satin pajamas.

Start Your Night Off Right with a polyester satin pajama

Hopefully, we’ve helped you simplify the choice of a polyester satin versus a silk charmeuse pajama. Both fabrics have their unique advantages, and both are excellent choices for keeping your body in pristine condition at all times.

You’ve got your beauty routine down to a science. All you need is a polyester satin pajama to take your beauty sleep to the next level.

Say goodbye to bad hair and terrible skin days and embrace comfortable nights. Get a polyester satin pajama and ensure that your hair stays gorgeous morning and night, your skin is comfortable, and you get a high quality and Cost-effective sleep.

If you are looking for a trustable pajamas factory. Come and contact us now!

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