The history of tie-dye


Tie-dye is now a relatively fashionable design and design pattern, tie-dye is often used in the world by various well-known designers, the principle is actually the fabric in the dyeing process of partial ligation so that it can not be colored, it has a long history, it has also been listed in the Chinese intangible cultural heritage.

tie-dye history
tie-dye history

Tie-dye has a long history. Originated in the Yellow River basin. The earliest tie-dye products in existence were made in Xinjiang. According to records, as early as the Eastern Jin Dynasty, tied anti – dyeing silks and satins had been produced in large quantities. Tie-dye craft as early as the Eastern Jin Dynasty has been mature. At that time, the patterns were relatively simple, such as small cluster patterns such as plum blossom and chrysanthemum, as well as the whole pattern. In the southern and Northern Dynasties, tie-dye products were widely used in women’s clothing. The Tang Dynasty was the heyday of China’s ancient culture, tie-dye became popular and more common, and became the basic fashion style of the Tang Dynasty. Therefore, tie-dye is still a very popular and fashionable style in China and even the world today.

tie-dye history

In addition to China, tie-dye craft is also available in India, Japan, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries. In the 1970s, tie-dye became a popular handicraft and was widely used in clothing, ties, wall hangings and so on. The application of multiple tie-dye and multiple dyeing on the same fabric can make the traditional tie-dye process develop from monochromatic to multi-colored.

According to historical records in the qin and han dynasties to dye has been applied in some women’s dress clothes, tie-dye technology spread to Japan in the tang dynasty period of some countries, Japan national tie-dye as a rare art treasure of our country, and also popular in other countries, in the song period, tie-dye technology is also in constant development of transformation, tie-dye has become the printing and dyeing technology of bai amorous feelings, and spawned for dyeing, grasp the dye line string and fold to dye a variety of different texture effect, began by monochromatic development into a variety of grain color. By the Ming and Qing Dynasties, tie-dye technology had reached a very high level, with a cluster of tie-dye workshops and tie-dye centers.

tie-dye history

Tie Dye in the world, it is the best known in Japan and India, the two countries, Japan copper skill variety, copper pattern also dazzling, more than one of the typical “deer to plunge into” used to make kimono, and spiders’ to “hand,” miura firm “, “” firm”, “jin ‘and so on are using traditional techniques. In India, the tie-dye craft is still widely used in Indian national clothing to this day. Indian tie-dye is rich in varieties, forms and exquisite in production, among which the winding technique is the most distinctive and the pattern is also very beautiful.

Modern tie-dye is a new concept for traditional tie-dye, batik and blue calico. As a unique craft culture, modern tie-dyeing not only inherits the history and culture, but also conveys the characteristics reflecting different cultural backgrounds and the new era of the 21st century. It is becoming more and more popular among the public.

Various dynasties culture in China is China’s most characteristic of a process, it was able to in the course of several thousand years of Chinese culture is not out there must be some unique advantages, and in the modern tie-dye culture is also in constant updates, bring more beautiful cloth for people, people from different parts of the world put on dye the clothes with Chinese characteristics, makepeople fall in love with tie-dye.

tie-dye pajamas

To dye in China and the world culture is a kind of but clothing apparel printing design, as a trend, because of its unique dyeing cloth process, has also been cited in some nightgown design. Because in people’s traditional concept, pajamas, it is people rests at home to wear clothes, so the color will be some more monotonous, also need beautiful pajamas was ignored, and the popularity of tie-dye culture, gives people a kind of visual impact, tie-dye pajama makes people said goodbye to the dull color, let the people enjoy the comfortable at the same time also can let oneself and others to appreciate beauty, to some extent, tie-dye pajamas greatly improved people’s quality of life.

Therefore, our company also to our country every year in some areas of the bai field fastidious study that some dye printing design, from tie-dyed fabrics to choose what kind of color, at what temperature can guarantee the color shows the most complete state, to dye and some specific techniques, and in the process of learning, in order to ensure the health we are all repeatedly with plant dyes to dye into the system, the dye can not only guarantee bright and never fade and some are for skin care antiphlogistic effect. Overcoming the harmful side effects of modern chemical dyes and so on,

tie-dye history

And we also draw lessons from the Dali, bai, yi, India, Japan the dye is famous in the world, making a fusion of various aspects to dye the line into their own ideas, so we also have their own unique complete and mature in this respect to dye printing craft, sent to satisfy his clothes all over the world, also received praise from partners around the world. Therefore, tie-dye is also one of the representative printing processes of our company.

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