Design philosophy as eco friendly

Design Philosophy

At Glamour, we believe that well-designed sleepwear should be gorgeous and guaranteed to be cozy as well as eco-friendly. So both the materials & the design of that matter.

Nightwear is personal stuff.That's why we offer a wide range of customizable options. We'll take different patterns and color preferences in various markets into consideration, and even the influence of climates while making design decisions on material selections.

Our main core is to bring out a comfortable and stylish masterpiece to your clients, resulting in the development of a close relationship between us.

Our Designers

In order to bring out a fantastic design for your business, the capabilities of the designers are very crucial because they play a vital role in your business in the future.

Graduated from famous Fashion College, each designer gets the hand of application of various materials, understand the latest European trends and the demand of the US market, and have advanced and personal opinions on nightwear designs.

Having been devoted to this field for over 10 years, we are full of passion, innovation, and creation.

Experienced designer for nightwear

Let's custom your sleepwear for your business now!

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