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How Garment Factory Facing the Difficulty of E-commerce Orders


Characteristics and difficulties of E-commerce order

It’s time to talk about how garment factories facing the difficulty of e-commerce orders. The first problem facing e-commerce orders is that the amount is too small. Because e – commerce orders are based on market sales to demand production. Often start to order are dozens or hundreds of pieces. Then according to the market’s sales response, the styles that are sold well are kept reorder, and models that are not sold will be removed. And the reorder is also in batches. This results in a very small number, and there are many styles. When the factory goes to produce the small order, it can’t be done efficiently.


Besides, best-selling styles always reorder quickly. If it’s fast, it will be 7 days, and a slow half a month. And it is also necessary to subtract the time to purchase fabrics and accessories, therefore, there are not too much time to produce the products. For the clothing manufacturers who are accustomed to the next single monthly delivery, the short delivery period of quick reorder is indeed more difficult to operate.

For quality, many people think that e-commerce is cheap and quality is not guaranteed. This is the e-commerce business a few years ago. Now, the quality of the good e-commerce company is even higher than that of the offline brand and the quality requirements are higher.

The real dilemma of online order production

Due to the small number of online orders, most big factories are not willing to produce. Most companies that produce online orders are small factories with dozens of people. Moreover, these factories are concentrated in the urban villages in the big cities where clothing e-commerce is relatively developed. The low quality of staff, poor working environment, chaotic management and high labor costs are facts.

Small factories rely on skilled workers to produce whole pieces of clothing. It is a problem for workers to have comprehensive technical requirements. Then the quality of the whole clothes made by everyone is different, and the quality is difficult to guarantee.

On the surface, these workers’ skills are very comprehensive. In fact, some clothes are easy to produce, some clothes are difficult to make, some are simple, some are complicated, some have low unit price and some have high unit price. Workers who produce the whole clothing need to do everything, which inevitably lowers the output of the whole worker. Good steel is not used in the blade!

Then, in the whole process of production, sometimes the process is too complicated and the start is very slow, which directly affects his output and income. In the end, the factory only has to constantly increase the unit price to protect the employees’ income, which also indirectly reduces the factory production efficiency!

How to produce good e-commerce orders?

Efficiency is the key to production and processing. Whether it is production efficiency or delivery efficiency, it must be fast. Without efficiency, the output can’t go up; without efficiency, the goods can’t be delivered on time. To do e-commerce orders with a small number of styles, to ensure production efficiency, it is necessary to do pre-production preparation, pre-production technical guidance and assembly line operation.

Online orders with a small number of styles, the preparation of each material, process, equipment and personnel need to be more detailed. And these prenatal preparations must have special personnel to follow up, avoid shortage of materials, less material. And the production time of a style is only one or two days. If these prenatal preparations are not good, each style is wasting time in waiting. This accumulation will naturally lower the efficiency!

Do e-commerce orders, basically one style a day, or a few styles a day, if each model is pre-production to ensure quality, the team leader’s work is to increase a lot, but also too busy to do well, so it is best to change to prenatal process guidance. For important processes and new processes, the team leader must first make a piece for the employee to see, and then let the employee do one out to show it to himself. The role of this kind of prenatal technical guidance is critical. The first time you do the right thing, the second time you do it right, then you can guarantee the quality. Then, in the process of actually guiding, the team leader can also improve some work methods and add some fixtures to improve efficiency!

Do e-commerce orders, should you do assembly line production, or can you do assembly line production? From the perspective of the enterprise, if workers do the whole clothes when the first order, the quantity is relatively small, it doesn’t matter if you can’t earn money. When the customer reorder, the quantity is increased, if workers do the whole clothes, which lowers the overall efficiency.

There is an 80:20 rule in management. In the order you make, the real money-making order is often a small part of the order. And for e-commerce orders, the real money-making order is reorder. If you don’t use assembly line to produce, it’s won’t be productive. And if the factory can reserve a part of the group to do the assembly line production, once you get a reorder, the efficiency can be improved, and the delivery can also be quickly. The greater the order, the more obvious the advantages of the assembly line production.

Even a small factory can do a group of 5-7 people. We call him cell-like assembly line. It is an improvement than a worker produce the whole piece. Of course, this type of running water requires employees to be versatile, and the same piece rate method should be changed to group piece counting.

For e-commerce companies that do single products, such as only women’s nightgown, this can be divided into modules to set up assembly line, we call this modular production. For example, it is divided into front, back, collar, sleeve, and combined assembly line. In this way, the process module is split to reduce the difficulty of the process. Secondly, the special module can be used as a whole. The workers who do the collars specialize in the collar, the workers who do the front frame specialize in the front frame, and then the combination we start to do the assembly line production.

The effect of this flow mode on the team leader is mainly on the balance of process progress and the issuance and follow-up of the receiving and dispatching materials.

The difficulty of e-commerce orders is that there are many styles, a small number, multiple delivery periods, and high quality requirements. Manufacturers that rely on efficiency and production to survive have higher requirements for management than other traditional factories. The way out is in the flow of operations, the ability to change modes and methods, to adapt to the e-commerce order, and to make money, that is a good Development opportunities!

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