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How to Sell Products Online Successfully


The traditional sales model is based on physical stores. Opening a store is a big investment. The customer-oriented is limited, and the risk is very high and it is easy to fail.

However, now it is an era of the rise of the live broadcast industry. You don’t need a big investment, you only need the following steps to succeed.

Step 1, choose one of the most popular products.

Products are the foundation of success. Only premium quality and popular products can success, and there will be no after-sales problems.

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Step 2, find a network anchor for your target customer base.

After finding the product, there are several reference factors for the choice of the anchor.

First of all, the anchor must have a lot of fans.

Second, the right one is the best, he or she should represent the target customer group. For example, gender, age, hobbies and career, etc.

Next, cooperate with the anchor.

Finally, give him a one-time reward and let him promote the sale. Or, make a commission based on sales volume. If you are an anchor, you can also take a pre-sale method. If a fan buys a few pieces, you can order a few pieces to the manufacturer to minimize the inventory pressure.

Step 3, contact the supplier for production.

What kind of garment factory is the best supplier? Powerful suppliers generally have the following characteristics: Suppliers with high product quality, stable delivery and good reputation. The best way to get the most profit is to work with the factory. While assure quality, it also guarantees delivery and after-sales service, while also getting the goods at the lowest price.

Step 4, shipping

Direct delivery from the manufacturer is drop shipping. Not all manufacturers support this service. Because if you ship directly from China, the cost of one piece is very high. FedEx’s minimum shipping cost is $10. However, if you send a few boxes at a time, the average shipping cost for a single piece of clothing will be much lower. Therefore, most manufacturers support the wholesale goods. Then, we will ship the goods to ourselves.

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