It’s Time to Wear Pajamas


Whenever the night falls, turn off the lights, and we begin to fall asleep. At this time, even if it is a day-to-day person, you should switch to the night mode of recharge, in order to continue to glow with the sun of the next day. So, it’s time to wear pajamas. In which pajamas would you choose to collapse into a ball? Even if our dressing style never disdains to be pointed out by others, the “please ourselves” event will always be enjoyable. When we are facing our family members or just being alone with ourselves, we can completely relax and enjoy this time.

Recall the situation when you entered the house for the last time, and entered this topic with a small test. The descriptions in the following options match yours best: A. Even if I don’t go out today, I won’t change my clothes after I go home. I’ll take off my coat at most, and then to do other things. B. Go home and change clothes immediately, but just look for one to wear. C. After going home, I feel that I have to change to a special loungewear or pajamas to be comfortable.

Don’t laugh at each other, the first person who chooses A is quite a lot. The person who chooses A bears the risk of being “not talking about hygiene”, and shouting is so tired or insisting that being lazy is also a kind of fashion. At this time, people who choose B and those who choose C enjoy comfort and cleanliness while being paralyzed or obsessive-compulsive… There is nothing wrong with it. Everyone has the right to live a life that they feel satisfied. But in fact, there are too many benefits when you go home and put on clean clothes. After all, the public environment is not as clean as the home, and you don’t know where the dust and germs are secretly following you went home. Compared with ordinary clothes, home clothes or pajamas are more comfortable, lighter, healthier, and allow everyone to quickly relax and put on their pajamas, which will really feel like “getting home.” So, it’t time to wear pajamas when you at home.

Pajamas have been popular in Europe since the 19th century. They were once used as a symbol of luxury, and were given social functions in addition to the protection of privacy. The female body has experienced a process of “debauchery” → “binding” → “liberation”. Today, pajamas have gradually become an indispensable item in the public wardrobe. First of all, pajamas have a unique warmth to the human body. Even adults, once they go to sleep, are as unprepared as children. Although naked sleep has many benefits, such as relaxing the body and eliminating tension, it is also very easy to cool people, especially if the heating in the cold winter is not well. If you have a cute quilt accustomed or like to expose your limbs while sleeping, you need to protect yourself. Sleeping in pajamas is good for keeping your body clean. Pajamas can form a barrier between the bedding and the skin, which is the best for sweat-absorbent and skin-friendly fabrics. Of course, this benefit is based on the often cleansing of pajamas. Sometimes we inevitably sleep with friends and family, and wearing pajamas will be more hygienic. So, it’s time to wear pajamas.

The design of the pajamas determines its ability to relax. Ordinary clothes are more shaped, but the comfort is slightly inferior. Although the pajamas have thrown away too many external factors, they are more comfortable to wear.

Match different living habits. Pajamas often move between “civilization” and “uncivilization”. Many people think that wearing pajamas on the streets is uncivilized. Sleeping without pajamas is not civilized, although such concepts and customs are not binding. However, many friends who live with elder children or other people will find that pajamas are very useful. It is convenient to go to the bathroom, switch windows, and pour water in the middle of sleep. Sometimes it can avoid sputum. Some pajamas can add beauty, mood or fun, create a different atmosphere and bring a good state.

From the rise of pajamas to the present, more and more elements have emerged. The styles range from complex and noble robes to simple and convenient pajama, to short and sexy dresses, to today’s more novel and diverse styles.

Nightdresses are usually slings and some are short sleeves. Contrary to the previous one, this type of pajamas is cool and breathable, mostly designed for hot environments. Try to pick the kind of moisture wicking performance when buying a nightdress. Nightdresses are often sold in sets, such as a sling nightdress that can be worn with a light-weight nightgown or a draped blouse.

The biggest advantage of split pajamas is that they are easy to move, based on their design. The most common is the combination of short-sleeved tops, long-sleeved tops, camisole and pajama pants of different lengths.

Robe can be said to be a classic version of pajamas. It is long and loose in shape, mostly long-sleeved. It is usually made of warmer materials. This pajamas are suitable for wearing in a cold environment. However, many people find that the bathrobe looks very similar to it, and even the merchant directly tells you that it is dual-use. To ask if the bathrobe can be used as a sleep robe, the answer is that it is determined by the material, the bathrobe will be more absorbent, but if it is silk, bamboo fiber, cotton, towel fiber, it’s ok to be pajamas robe. But preferably, once you decide to use it as a pajamas, don’t mix them.

Cartoon onesie pajamas. The dinosaur, cows, tigers, pandas, leopards, giraffes, etc., which have been popular in the past few years. You know, you can wear them for adults, wear them for couples, or wear them with many people.

When it comes to the difference between pajamas and loungewear, many professionals quickly emphasize that “pajamas are not the same as loungewear”, followed by a big exclamation mark. Not the same, but it is not that serious, because the loungewear was originally derived from pajamas. However, the narrow sense of pajamas inherits the traditional meaning of pajamas, and it is more important for people to wear when they sleep; and the home clothes are added with many elements, the scope is larger, so that they can temporarily go downstairs to pick up things and even buy things nearby, so It can be said that the current pajamas belong to the loungewear.

However, when you are shopping, you will inevitably find that the sales information says “sleepwear, loungewear XXX”, so it is meaningless to emphasize some differences in concept. The most important thing is not to wear clothes in private environment to go out or meet guests. There aren’t many big problems, unless you control it or don’t care about any public opinion.

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