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Trend of sleepwear market segmentation and forecast in the next 7 years

AM Research recently published a report called “Global Nightwear Market Report”. This study mainly introduces the potential opportunities for the global wholesale sleepwear suppliers. And predicts the development prospects and value of the global sleepwear market in the next five years. In addition, it also provides different wholesale sleepwear suppliers their products worldwide. Therefore, you can use this article to fully understand the current global sleepwear market. The report analyzes the current global market, the strategies of industry leaders, and the analysis and challenges of major markets.

Data Analysis

The report pointed out that the global nightwear market generated US$104 last year (2019), and based on an annual growth rate of 9.6%, it is expected to reach US$19 billion in 7 years (2027). The outbreak of the epidemic at the beginning of 2020 has caused a lot of marketing in the international and domestic trade of the pajama industry; such as the disruption of supply chains and sales channels. Declining productivity and inconvenience in logistics put more pressure on product supply. Due to the regional blockade policy; some wholesale sleepwear suppliers and manufacturers have suspended or even permanently stopped production plans and projects. Nowadays, because of relevant government agencies in various countries have begun to lift the blockade policy and encourage specific industries to restart production plans and projects; which means that market demand is likely to increase after a period of time.

According to the analysis in the report, the female consumer group that contributed the most to the global nightwear market in 2019, accounting for approx. 81% of the total, and based on its annual growth rate data analysis; therefore, the female consumer group will continue to be in the next 7 years. In a dominant position. Also, in the global region, the North American market is in a dominant position and accounted for approx. 35% of the market in 2019, with an estimated maximum annual growth rate of 12%. In addition, during 2019, the sales volume of the supermarket channel accounted for approx. 35% of the total market, and is on a continuous upward trend.

Competitiveness and opportunities

Nowadays, on a global scale, the major pajamas production and distribution companies include:, HM, MUJI, Ralph Lauren, David Jones, Uniqlo, Zalora, Aimer, QUEEND, Eberjey, Mimi Holiday, Oysho, Morgan Lane, Sleepy Johnes, Gelato Pique, tutuanna, narue, Calvin Klein, Bradelis, Journelle, Golce & London, Gucci,

In the next few years, the main players in the wholesale sleepwear suppliers will face the situation of increasing demand for pajamas. And today’s consumer spending on pajamas products is continuously increasing. In order to increase market share, manufacturers have also begun to focus their strategies on acquisitions, expansion and cooperation with other companies. Therefore, it has become a trend for major players in various markets to increase cooperation with oem pajama suppliers. This report also analyzes a new trend in recent years. More attractive packaging and new series of products will stimulate customers’ purchasing power and continue to increase spending on pajama products.

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